Monthly Archives: February 2016

WPX Awards

I have a friendly competition with a couple of other hams around # of worked DXCC entities, contest scores, and occasionally, who’ll break through a pileup first. I enjoy the slight gamification of amateur radio.  It’s slightly more than “fake radio points” but not by much. I spend time on the IRC channel affiliated with the Reddit /r/amateurradio… Read More »

VP8SGI / Tower Update

I landed two of this month’s three big DXPeditions (on this side of the planet, anyway).  K5P and VP8SGI are now both in the log.  I just worked VP8SGI (South Georgia Islands) on 17m.  Greyline does magic for the compromise antenna (a ZS6BKW) that I’m rocking @ 500W.  I literally cannot wait for The Tower Project to continue progressing (details… Read More »