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A DXCC A Year Keeps the Doctor Away

One of the visualizations on Club Log is the DXCC Timeline view. It’s shocking how much DX I worked in my first 5 months on the air (2013) with an IC-7000 and a G5RV at 20 feet. 2014 saw me addition of the Hexbeam on the roof and the AL80B and not much travel. Throughout 2015 and 2016,… Read More »

The 10m WAS Challenge

We had a nice opening on 10m, today (20:00-23:00z or so) and I managed to work a little bit of phone and a fair amount of JT65, including a little trans-equatorial DX (a CA3, an LU, and a couple PYs).  I was really hoping to work the last few states I need on 10m for WAS.  I’m missing WY… Read More »

K5P, Super Quick LoTW!

Just sync’ed DXKeeper with LoTW and was pleasantly surprised to see that K5P had already uploaded! Call Band Mode Station Call Result K5P 15M SSB K7ADD new confirmation for Palmyra & Jarvis Islands: 15M K5P 12M SSB K7ADD new confirmation for Palmyra & Jarvis Islands: 12M K5P 20M SSB K7ADD new confirmation for Palmyra & Jarvis Islands: 20M… Read More »

WPX Awards

I have a friendly competition with a couple of other hams around # of worked DXCC entities, contest scores, and occasionally, who’ll break through a pileup first. I enjoy the slight gamification of amateur radio.  It’s slightly more than “fake radio points” but not by much. I spend time on the IRC channel affiliated with the Reddit /r/amateurradio… Read More »

VP8SGI / Tower Update

I landed two of this month’s three big DXPeditions (on this side of the planet, anyway).  K5P and VP8SGI are now both in the log.  I just worked VP8SGI (South Georgia Islands) on 17m.  Greyline does magic for the compromise antenna (a ZS6BKW) that I’m rocking @ 500W.  I literally cannot wait for The Tower Project to continue progressing (details… Read More »