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The 10m WAS Challenge

We had a nice opening on 10m, today (20:00-23:00z or so) and I managed to work a little bit of phone and a fair amount of JT65, including a little trans-equatorial DX (a CA3, an LU, and a couple PYs).  I was really hoping to work the last few states I need on 10m for WAS.  I’m missing WY… Read More »


Results first. Much better showing than my goofing around, a couple years ago.  Single op, assisted, low power: Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 3.5 23 23 16 0 7 80 80 33 2 14 81 81 35 1 21 26 26 12 0 28 3 3 3 0 Total 213 213 99 3 Score: 21,726 1 Mult =… Read More »

More Awards

As I said back in April, I hadn’t planned on becoming a paper chaser. Now that I’ve started to track my “accomplishments,” it’s become kind of fun to chase the states I’m missing. I’d already gotten hooked on chasing DX and had been tracking the unique entities I’d contacted, but recently I’ve been paying attention to domestic contacts,… Read More »

First Awards

[update 4/25: I’m now WAS with an endorsement for 20m. LoTW was update this AM with a little <Awarded> next to Basic and 20m. All this for those little asterisks below.] I just applied for the ARRL Basic Worked All States (WAS), 20m WAS, DX Century Club – Mixed, and DX Century Club – Phone. I’m a handful… Read More »

W1AW/* are Staffed by Humans

As much as I’ve been enjoying the W1AW portable stations, obesity I’ve been dismayed by the pileup behavior of some of the hams calling. As a new ham, unhealthy I assumed that most would be well-behaved, clinic but I’ve been proved wrong more than once. When trying to work /2 (New Jersey), the RTTY op did a fantastic… Read More »