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Kids on PSK

I was wrapping up some stuff on the computer, yesterday, and poked at 20m PSK (14.070). Conditions weren’t great, but I watched broadband decode for a minute and asked Eva (my younger daughter) if she wanted to talk to a 7th grade girl… she timidly took over the keyboard. After a few minutes, she was really enjoying it.… Read More »

The 10m WAS Challenge

We had a nice opening on 10m, today (20:00-23:00z or so) and I managed to work a little bit of phone and a fair amount of JT65, including a little trans-equatorial DX (a CA3, an LU, and a couple PYs).  I was really hoping to work the last few states I need on 10m for WAS.  I’m missing WY… Read More »

JR1EMO – memorable calls

I just worked JR1EMO on 15m JT65.  Working Japan from here isn’t terribly notable.  This one was.  Why?  Because JR1EMO was my first HF contact 15 months ago. June 27th of last year, right after I got my General ticket, I transmitted on HF for the first time after JR1EMO called CQ on 20m PSK31 (14.070).  I fumbled… Read More »