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QRP /1, remote operations, and DXCC

I’m visiting my team in Cambridge, MA and brought the KX3 with me. Yesterday, Tuesday evening, I managed to sneak down to an area near the St. Charles river around 7pm Eastern (2300z) and set up on the grass. I managed to forget the USB soundcard, so I was working phone, only. It was a great opportunity to… Read More »

QRP Experience

Kids, girlfriend, and I are renting a house on the north shore of O’ahu north of Hale’iwa, for the week. This picture was taken approximately here:, about 200 feet from the house. Rig is the an FT-817 running off internal W4RT batteries, antenna is a Buddistick configured for 10m. I also used Etymotics earbuds for part of the… Read More »